Sunday, October 25, 2009

Muslim Community-Based Organization Seeking Interns

The Muslim Consultative Network (MCN) is a nonprofit network of New York area based Muslim American organizations and individuals, working to strengthen and unify our community for love of God and to serve the needs of Humanity. As a network of diverse NY activists, community leaders, and organizational representatives, we are uniquely well positioned to empower and engage across ethnic, class and racial boundaries. We aim to support and partner irrespective of race, class, religion or gender. Our current main focus areas are: Community Outreach/Health Education, Social Justice and Civil Liberties, and Preparedness/Community Empowerment. Members are also active in interfaith dialogue, recognizing its importance as an essential component of our service. (for more info see:

Currently we seek some paid and some unpaid internships to help move these important (but under-resourced) projects forward:

Community Preparedness Intern:
MCN Crisis Program: 10 hours per week
Involvement in MCN Disaster Preparedness Program will include two out of the following three:
a) Red Cross training and certification paired with outreach to mosques about emergency planning;
b) CERT training and certification combined with promoting preparedness training with students and at risk Muslims in designated areas of the city;
c) Involvement in Flu Fighters program and presentations to student groups re vaccine/flu issues, with assistance to 3 health fairs at mosques and Islamic Schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. Internship will pay $11 dollars per hour to start, quarterly increases likely. Please email

Community Education Intern:
Nafis Salaam (Muslims Against Smoking) 10 + hours weekly
Bilingual Intern requested to provide assistance to Nafis Salaam outreach: Give out fliers, contact media, and conduct short surveys concerning tobacco use in the Muslim community.
Internship will pay 12 per hour to start; quarterly increases scheduled. Please email

Community Strengthening Intern
Muslim Consultative Network
Nonprofit accounting assistance on Quickbooks;
4 hours per week at 16 dollars per hour to start
Website development 4 hours a week at 12 per hour, some additional volunteer help requested:

Unpaid Opportunities--credit may be offered, with some small stipends:
Research at Foundation Center; 2-3 hours per week
Updating our community directory of Muslim organizations; 2-3 hour per week
Assistance to Muslim-run Food Pantry (Bronx);
Assist Bronx Fundraiser October 31 for mosque burnt in fire;
Promote November Synagogue-Mosque "twinning"--citywide;
Assistance in promoting Women in Islam "Women Friendly Mosques" publication

Assistance to civil liberties program ie
a) Human Rights Day December 10 planning
b) Interfaith Immigration Coalition legislative visits
c) 300, 30 in 3 Project – — 6 masajid and/or MSAs are being asked to commit by January 31st to show the DVD Ending U.S. Sponsored Torture Forever by April 1st. Interns/volunteeer will call to arrange for them to agree to screen the DVD.. Preliminary Invitation letters should be sent out by 1 November 2009. Please email

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