Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 4 Jumaa Announcement

Due to campus maintenance, Jumaa prayer service in Earl Hall will begin next week, September 11 and continue for the duration of the semester. Students and community members are encouraged to visit the local masajid this week for Friday prayer, and we look forward to beginning Friday prayer in Earl Hall next week!


  1. Hello--

    I am a student at Union Theologivcal Seminary and co-chair of the Union Interfaith Caucus, helping to organize the Union Iftar on September 15th. I am searching for a CU-MSA contact address and can't find one on the website.

    Can someone please let me know who to contact about planning programming with your group?

    Jenn Lindsay
    718 974 9023 cell

  2. Hi Jenn--

    You can contact and we will get the email to the appropriate person. Thanks for giving us the heads up about the contact address. It will be up on the website shortly!

    MSA Board